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If you’re the kind of person who strives to make a difference, you need a place to thrive. Why get buried in corporate culture? Join the team that digs your superstar spirit, craves your ideas, and lets you write your own success story. You’ll love becoming a Marketing Manager with Shopping Savvy Magazine. The work is rewarding, and the difference you’ll make is big. Crazy big - as you help other businesses grow and prosper!

Who We Are
Shopping Savvy Magazine is Michigan’s largest twice monthly direct mail, newsrack and online magazine. We deliver direct mail ads from only ½ cent per household, business and newsrack to our advertisers. Our magazines are in super high demand by the consumer because of the amazing amount of money saving value they deliver to their mailbox and newsrack each month. We are also very unique in that we offer mobile advertising products like our Mobile Billboard Trucks and attention getting inflatable giant balloons – which have super high impact for any advertiser that use them. Talk about a distinct competitive advantage! We’re keeping our clients smiling with amazing results and ROI as they tap into our direct to consumer advertising products.

How We’re Different
Unlike other companies, for us “big” doesn’t mean boring. Meet the anti-corporate culture of Shopping Savvy Magazine where there’s no daunting hierarchy. “Boss” is a four-letter word, and if you work hard, you’re the one who will reap the rewards. We offer sweet perks that you’ll love, and they’ll help you grow your business. More than any other place you could work at, we’re dedicated to sharpening your skills and helping you grow as a person (and trust us, you’ll have a darn good time along the way). It’s no shocker we’re one of Michigan’s Coolest Places to Work!

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